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Pricing & Availability

Inquire online at, telephone 205-699-5373, or visit us on Facebook HERE.

Our Pricing:

Premium Boxes:
Two Piece- $4
Four piece- $8
Five piece- $ 9
Fifteen piece- $25

For your convenience, utilize the PayPal QR Code below.

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Our Truffle Collections

We have a number of truffle flavors that fit well with various holidays.  If ordering for a party, shower or wedding, you can choose the truffles you'd like.  We ask a minimum order of 30 truffles with a maximum of five flavors.

Click Here To View our Truffle Collections and Flavors

Little Cahaba Chocolates is Cottage industry in Alabama; we only sell locally and face to face with consumer.

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A Southern Hug in Every Bite

Artisan truffles made with organic cream and organic butter